Sex is a biological necessity that must to be done for those who are already paired. Besides being able to add warmth for you and your partner, sex is also beneficial to good health. Sex health benefits is that it can boost your immune system and your partner, can make you more confident, and also reduce your stress levels and your partner.

But there are times when the daily grind you, and you have little time can make you and your partner to lose sexual desire. Therefore, here are some natural ways for you and your partner to increase your sex drive back together.

Sleep is one of the most simple and natural to increase your sexual desire. Sleep will make your body become more relaxed so you have full passion for sex.

 no secret that regular exercise can improve blood flow in the body, especially the organs needed for sex and maintain your stamina greatly affect your sex drive. In addition exercise can increase self-confidence and is one of the capital required in sex.

3.healthy eating
A healthy diet is not only beneficial for weight loss, but also improving blood flow throughout the body including to the genitals. In addition there are certain foods that are good for consumption for the sake of increased production of enzymes that are good for increasing sexual arousal. These foods include bananas, oysters, and avocado.

4. Relaxation
Meditation, listening to favorite music, and reading favorite books is a good way to relax and reduce stress levels. Stress will affect the production of the hormone cortisol, which causes testosterone to decrease and will result in the decrease in your sex drive.

5. massage
Massage is one way to increase your sex drive and improve your blood flow, which by doing massage your body will feel more relaxed and comfortable and can restore your stamina is lost due to work. Massage can also become a means of foreplay for you and your partner before having sex.

6. Reduce cigarette
Cigarettes are very bad for health besides cigarettes also can slow blood flow to your sexual organs.
Without taking medicine, you can also revive sexual desire naturally. Way above you can apply if you and your partner are not passionate sex.

 That's several ways you can restore your sex drive, good luck and apply in your life.


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