in modern times today, many cosmetic companies use bengkoang for beauty products. but make masks bengkoang itself naturally much better than using cosmetic products that have been mixed with hazardous chemicals. Benefits mask bengkoang one of which is to whiten the face, how to make a mask bengkoang unfortunately not widely known. Inside there are various contents bengkoang beneficial for skin health and beauty. One of the ingredients in the bengkoang Vitamin C that can tarnish black spots acne scars. Bengkoang is fresh fruit, everyone will love.  bengkoang usually used for fruit salad. But besides consumed, bengkoang you can also use as an ingredient to make a mask. Beauty products are also many who use bengkoang, in addition to the mask there are also lotions and cleansers. Many can you take advantage of yam. The following are some properties and benefits of natural health bengkoang for your skin:
1.       Prevent premature aging
2.       remove the black stain of acne scars
3.       skin tightening
4.       Whiten the skin
5.       cools the skin
6.       Making healthy skin
and many more benefit from bengkoang for body, skin and face.

how to make a mask bengkoang
1.       grab bengkoang medium size, peeled and wash with clean water.
2.       then grated.
3.       then squeeze the grated yam and store the water in a bowl.
4.       set aside the juice in the refrigerator for two hours.
5.       separate the juice from the starch that settles in the bottom of the bowl.
6.       apply powder deposition on the face as a mask.
7.       let the mask to dry by itself.
8.       if the mask dry sudang rinse the face with clean water.
9.       now your face definitely feels more comfortable, cool, comfortable and more naturally beautiful.

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