European countries welcomed hundreds of thousands of refugees, feeding them, clothing and shelter assistance. Every day, hundreds of refugees, many of them children and women go to avoid conflict in Syria. Another option that deserves to migrate to Europe are now increasingly open. Some European countries, after the insistence of human rights activists and protest Erdogan, began to open up for the refugees coming into their country. The refugees in Turkey has been busy in some regions in Turkey saw the trip and a new life in Europe is now wide open.
Turkey is used as a 'sort of transit point' before to Europe because they knew Turkey was impossible quest accommodate and continue to increase the number of refugees from their country, Syria, which had previously been packed with refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan. No work and life better if only live in refugee camps in Turkey unless they cross over to Europe to get a better life.

And Germany has now become the favorite destination of migration in the quest for asylum. Germany gives quota very large compared to other countries in Europe for asylum Syrian refugees. However, this German step according to the Washington Post and the BBC due to the German solution to the demographic needs a young and skilled workforce. Demographic data show that in the near future Germany will be a shortage of citizens to maintain compliance with the labor required by their industry. however Germany introduced a system of quotas and may not be able to accommodate a lot except in accordance calculations existing quotas.
syria increasing citizens who migrated to Europe are also affected by the spread of news about successful pathways penetrated by the Syrian refugees who had already entered Europe.
through Turkey was the one most of these migrants want to tempt fate by risking life into Europe either by sea or by land, while the majority through Egypt before crossing to Europe.

These migrants should really desperate to break into Europe. Although entry into Turkey is relatively easy but next trip to Europe is not the case. Some of them only with great courage and hope to get past some European countries towards European countries are affluent and willing to provide asylum status, such as Germany and Sweden. However, some migrants indeed because they have relatives in European countries fixed. For those who just cashed daring, the challenge is not only given the filing status of asylum when he arrived in a country that has an open policy on refugees Syrian but also because some European countries up to now does not have a policy to provide track crossings open to refugees Syrian much less willing to accept the this refugees.
War never did give birth to tragedy. The war in Syria and the story of the refugees is a tragedy. The tragedy that is sometimes inevitable and civilians-many who continue to suffer. No one knows when the war in Syria will end.

While the war will continue raging, -and Syrian refugees displaced from other Middle Eastern countries whose country ravaged military adventures some big countries in the concession gets control of natural resources and the expansion of political influence and ideologi- are seeking recourse to European countries prosperous for a peaceful life and a better livelihood.
This war refugees act rationally when choosing to go to Europe. In Europe the one they will not hear any more military attractions of other countries in the name of democracy or democratization. Path to the north towards Europe is now the primary choice and not the path to the south toward Jordan. It is true that Jordan -also Lebanon- with the help of Saudi Arabia has provided good facilities for Syrian refugees as well as Kuwait and Qatar also provide exceptional donation to the Syrian refugees, but with news milling about the serious threat that the IS would hit other countries in the East Central, is not out of the Middle East is more soothing their lives? Not to mention the war in Syria raises the issue of sectarian develop options for refugees to remain in the Middle East is a bad idea.

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